___Grand Masters of the Piano

I am certain I was aware as a baby in the womb. Let me tell you why I can make this statement, which will only serve to inflame the abortion debate. An unconsidered principle will be discussed here.

There is a story to tell. To me, everything I am about to reveal is real to me; which means, my basis in reality, our shared reality, is as a flawed mortal human.

My mother, God bless her soul, had a twenty-two inch waist when she got married. There are pictures that prove this. During her pregnancy with me, her first baby, my mother had nothing to keep her busy as I gestated within her. As I would be her first born, there was no family that required care. My father was away in the military.

To fill her empty days, my mother would play the piano. She could play very well, and that I can attest to as she can still sit down at a keyboard and rip off Claire De Lune by Debussy. Oh, I can only imagine how many consecutive hours on consecutive days she must have played so beautifully. That was her style, you see.

She was offered a position in a prestigious American symphony as a pianist, but she turned it down to marry my father. In the course of this story, there will be some appropriately timed recollections of events that involve my mother and father. How many, I do not know yet.

Anyway, my mother played that piano as hard as a firefighter fights a fire right up until the moment her water broke. I was about to be born. It was January 23, 1958.

Well, wouldn’t you know it. I turned out to be a big baby and I refused to be pushed through that previously tiny twenty-two inch waist of my mother’s. The doctor wanted to cut me out.

But back in January 1958, the surgical expertise did not exist to repair a C-section type wound, so a hysterectomy would have to be performed on my mother after I was cut out of my rather cramped quarters within her.

Everyone was on board with that decision, except for my father. He was a convert to the Catholic faith and wanted the BIG family…lots of kids…you know. Having just this one big baby was not going to suffice.

“Pull him out,” he ordered the doctor.

There was a lot of back and forth between the doctor and my father over the next two days, but on January 25, 1958 at 11:20 AM, my father’s wishes were followed.

The first attempt with the forceps tore off my nose which would become a big Italian nose one day. They tore off my right ear, too. That was about all the damage they did which was on top of having already endured two days of heavy labor contractions my mother had endured as well.

In the end, I was pulled free. After quickly and carelessly sewing my nose and ear back on, I was weighed in at 11 pounds 6 ounces.

 I was twenty inches long and my hair was ten inches long! Read that again. My hair as a newborn was ten inches long! (One of my future brothers also had ten inch long hair when he was born. Weird, huh?)

So the doctor put me in an incubator and wheeled me out past my waiting father. He told me often enough about what I looked like in that incubator.

I was not moving. My ten inch long hair was matted in blood and swirled around my face. My entire body was covered in blood and bruises. He said, “Brian, you looked like a dead river rat.” (And so began the eventual relationship that would be developed between us, which best explained is this. I am not part of “his” immediate family in a full and complete way.)

Oh well, huh? Still, it is not important to this story. Too bad, so sad about my relationship with my dad. Just move along.

I recovered well. I was named Brian (which means “strong”,) My father wanted to name me Sylvester Aloysius. Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny! I owe my name to my mother, God bless her soul. Ironically, I grew up to be really strong.

Now, another question. What would a mother who had a compulsion for piano playing do with her brand new baby? Sure. She would put that baby right beside her in a crib, and when the baby got bigger and coordinated, right up on the lap.

My mother had me on her lap when I was barely ten months old.

What does a normal ten-month old do with presented such a big present as a piano?

Well, don’t most babies bang on the keyboard? Sure. They bang away with both of their little pudgy hands.

My mother told me that I did not bang on the keys that day. According to her, I stuck out one finger and played a simple, eight note tune.

This is the part where the story merges with the thesis statement on page one sentence one. How did I know to play the piano and not bang on it? Every other little snot nose bangs the black and whites when they first encounter them. Why didn’t I?

Abortion advocates will have something to say right now in their defense. They know where I am going with all this. They will say “He was gifted. He had a natural talent. He was a freak of nature.” I think they will say the last one most often. And not surprisingly, for once, they would be right.

I know for a fact that I had both a conscious and subconscious mind as a fetus. I heard my mother playing the piano. That means my ears worked pretty well. I probably felt the temblor of the piano, too, on my body.

The natural question will be exactly when did my fetus mind capture the concept that you play the piano and not bang on it? Was it later on in gestation? Or did it begin much earlier…much much earlier, which would, in legal terms, make me a sentient human being for my entire time as a fetus within my mother?

If legally I was sentient as a fetus, and I am a human being, then all human beings are sentient as a fetus as well, being we are all equal in this manner of how we become alive on the planet Earth.

And if all this is true, what is abortion then?

My first conscious memory occurred on on June 6, 1962 at approximately 7:30 PM. At that moment in time, in a small auditorium, everyone in it was giving me a standing ovation. Yep, my first memory is a standing ‘o.’ I had just finished playing the Tarantello Vico by Giovanni. (A mildly amusing overhand piece that spans four octaves.) I was trapped in a black booster chair, that was up against a classic black grand piano. My clothing, a black velvet jumpsuit was a bit odd, and that is probably why I have an aversion to wearing “formal attire.” I prefer wearing the fewest possible items of casual clothing.

Okay okay…the outfit I wore the night of my first recital was a black velvet jumpsuit. I must have looked like a little done-up chimp. But a damn talented chimp! The applause and accolades were thunderous and it shocked me right into conscious thought. I cannot recall ever taking lessons before that moment, nor practicing, or for that matter, even playing the piece of music just moments before. The people clapping and whistling. That is what I recall.

Being a bright kid, I pretty much recall everything else after that moment, and one of the more deeply embedded of my memories is my belief in God. I have never experienced even one moment where I doubted God’s existence and acknowledge that He was the reason I was even around in the first place. Jesus, and His sacrifice for us is, of course, central to my core belief. Along with all the other “little gifts” that have been bestowed on me is one of unquestionable faith in God. Since I was practically a baby, I knew of Him and had no doubt that He knew me, too.

My love affair with the piano continued for nine more years until June 1971. I was now thirteen years old and I was performing my ninth piano recital. Halfway through Edvard Grieg’s Piano Sonata in E Minor, my head went blank and I could not remember the rest of the piece. I tried starting over again, but with the same disastrous result.

When I got outside, my father decided to change my life. He declared that the piano lessons were over and that the following morning, he would put me to work digging ditches.

Between 1971 and 1985, I played the piano with some garage bands. Yet, I kept up with practicing classical pieces.

In 1995, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. My surgeon recommended that I record any music I wanted to play as soon as I had recovered from the corrective procedure. She said I my hand strength would only last for a short time after the operation.

She was correct. My hand strength gave out in 2001 and I am unable to rip away on the piano anymore. But in those six years I managed to record some of my favorite classical pieces. They are available here for download free of charge.

My auspicious beginnings on the piano turned into a handful of memories, and this body of music. My favorites are the four movements of Mozart’s Eine Klein Nachtmusik, Debussy’s Claire De Lune, and the two movements by Rachmaninoff.

___Grand Masters of the Piano

1. Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (KV525) 1st Movement – W.A. Mozart

2. Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (KV525) 2nd Movement – W.A. Mozart

3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (KV525) 3rd Movement – W.A. Mozart

4. Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (KV525) 4th Movement – W.A. Mozart

5. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (from the Nutcracker Suite) – P. Tchaikovsky

6. Moonlight Sonata (Op. 27, No. 2) 1st Movement – L. von Beethhoven

7. Rondo Alla Turca – W. A. Mozart

8. Cannon in D – J. Pachelbel

9. Sonata Facile (K545) 1st Movement – W. A. Mozart

10. Sonata Facile (K545) 2nd Movement – W. A. Mozart

11. Sonata Facile (K545) 3rd Movement – W. A. Mozart

12. Military Polonaise (Op. 40, No. 1) – F. Chopin

13. Tales from the Vienna Woods (Op. 325) – J. Strauss, Jr.

14. Prelude in D – J. S. Bach

15. Claire de Lune – C. Debussy

16. Piano for Four Hands 1st Movement – S. Rachmaninoff

17. Piano for Four Hands 2nd Movement – S. Rachmaninoff

How To Watch FREE Movies, TV, and Sporting Events on the Internet for Dummies

You are connected to the Internet and you can access movies, television programs, and sporting events FREE OF ANY CHARGE!

Please follow the directions below for the best viewing experience possible as of August 2014. Links are provided for your convenience.

IMPORTANT: Carefully install only the software listed below. During installation, uncheck any additional software that is wanting to be installed.

I. Computer Set-up

1. Install Mozilla Firefox

2. Install Adblock Plus

3. Install Free Torrent Viewer

4. Install StreamTorrent

5. Install AceStream

After installation of all software, access Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features on your computer and sort the list of installed programs by INSTALL DATE.

BE SURE you have not installed any other software other than the ones listed above.

II. Movies

There are many different sites to watch and/or download movies on the Internet for free.

The best ones are:

Movie4k.to and Piratebay.org

Movie4k.to is best when you want to stream a movie and not download it. When you find a movie you want to see, click on it.

A screen dedicated to the movie is revealed. On the left hand side, you will see a list of servers hosting a copy of the movie.


Of course, you can expect that many servers will delete movies once it is determined that their terms of service have been violated.

This particular movie was released in 2008 and uploaded to the Internet in 2009. Surprisingly, many of the servers listed to the left still have this movie available.

TVblog_02High quality copies of movies will always have a smiley face symbol, but you cannot always trust it. If you see many of servers listed with many symbols, then yes…it is at least DVD quality.


Putlocker, Sockshare, Vodlocker, Clicktoview, Videobull


Nowvideo, Novamov, FileNuke

My favorite host servers are ones that give me plenty of visible feedback on the control panel (ability to see video download advancing, etc.) They also tend to be the fastest.

Movie4k.to is extremely user friendly. Its SEARCH feature is more than adequate.


This site is popular for people who want to download a movie to their hard drive.

It requires Free Torrent Viewer to operate. (You should have already installed this software on your computer.)

This site requires you to be discerning. Take your time and be sure you are getting a good copy of the movie you want.

First, we will search Piratebay.org for the same movie, “The Dark Knight.”


At the top, you will see:

Type – Name (Order by: Uploaded, Size, ULed by, SE, LE) -View: Single / Double – SE – LE

These fields allow you to sort the search results.



After sorting SE, we see that there are many seeds for certain versions of this movie. Notice the SIZE of each movie file. The larger the size, the better the copy.

I prefer file sizes in the 800 megabyte – 1.5 gigabyte range because the clarity of the copy is great and it takes less time to download the file than much larger versions. If you have an awesome Internet connection and plenty of room for storage of the file, then maybe this is not an important consideration to you.

But for most people, the 800 – 1.5 sizes do nicely.

The first file listed in the SE sort meets both of my requirements (many seeds – faster download, and a file size I can store on my laptop.)

We will choose this file and proceed. This is the screen that shows when I click on it:


Right click on GET THIS TORRENT and select COPY LINK LOCATION.

Immediately open a browser and go to: Magnet2Torrent.com

Put your cursor in the PASTE MAGNET LINK HERE and hit Control – V to paste the link you copied from Piratebay.org. This Internet utility will automatically convert the magnet link into a usable torrent file.

IMPORTANT: Save these torrent files to your desktop for ease of access.


Open the Free Torrent Viewer.

Open the torrent file you downloaded in Free Torrent Viewer.

You will see the movie file begin the download process. Be patient, eventually you will notice the PROGRESS field begin to advance.


Wait for the download to complete.

When the download is completed, the STATUS field will change from “Downloaded” to “Seeding.”

IMPORTANT: At this time, right click the torrent file in Free Torrent Viewer and select “Remove.” (Stopping the process at this point keeps your computer from becoming “a seed” system. You are considered “a leech” by doing this…but who cares!)

The default directory where you can find your movie file is:

C:\Users\YOUR NAME\My Downloads

You can change this location in the settings of the Free Torrent Viewer application.

Using Piratebay.org takes some skill, but it really is easy.

III. Television Programs

There are three great websites to watch television programs. They are:

watchseries-online.ch, free-tv-video-online.me, and ustvnow.com

US TV Now is okay for live programming…but I do not use it because I hate commercials. And although the major networks are free to view, you can get “priority bumped” when there are many paying customers watching on the site. To watch the “premium channels” and not get bumped costs $20 a month. So even though I included this web site, it is best to not use it very often.

The first one, watchseries-online.ch, is MY FAVORITE! It has a feature that lists the last 350 episodes that have been uploaded to host servers.


These shows originate from four countries: England, Canada, Australia, and the USA.

I cannot rave enough about this website. I literally keep the 350 episode screen up throughout the day and refresh it from time to time, because new shows are always be uploaded.

When you click on a TV show on this site, you are provided a list of host servers you can choose.

Vodlocker and Videobull are the best. They are the fastest servers and provide a very nice control panel that shows how fast the program is downloading to your computer.

The second one, free-tv-video-online.me, is a very good site, but not nearly as good as watchseries-online.ch.

So, why did I give you a choice of two? Because if one should ever go down, then you have the other to choose from.

I hate to admit it, but I am addicted to watchseries-online.ch.

IV. Sporting Events

Want to watch any broadcasted sporting event in the world?

Simply go to wiziwig.tv.

Click on any sport that is currently in season, and you’ll see a daily line-up of available events.

I created this guide on June 12, 2012 and it is now 7:50 PM CDT.

Tonight is Game 4 of the NBA Finals, so let’s check that out.


Wow…look at all the choices I have to watch this game! Sometimes, you don’t get quite as many, but this offering of streams gives me three distinct choices.

1. Flash

2. StreamTorrent

3. AceStream

By far, the very best stream is going to be AceStream (which you should have already installed on your computer.) What makes AceStream so great is that it combines the power of many streams to give you an incredible picture with little to no hesitation in the live broadcast. Here is a screen shot of the AceStream feed I am going to watch tonight.


It really doesn’t get any better than AceStream. You’ll be so glad you downloaded the free AceStream interface.

StreamTorrent (another software you should have already downloaded onto your computer) provides a decent broadcast platform, but it relies on a single stream for the feed.

A Flash broadcast is your last resort. Depending on the host server, you can get a decent picture…but I frequently find the live broadcast to overly buffer and stop often…which is annoying. Using Firefox with Adblock keeps the problems viewing a Flash broadcast down to a minimum.

All three of these stream types will launch automatically simply by clicking a PLAY NOW button of your choice on wiziwig.tv.

V. Review

One day, TV and movie producers and their network studios will realize that those of us on the Internet will gladly watch commercials as long as the programming we want to see is provided free of charge.

Until they wise up, there are these wonderful web sites and associated software and utilities that allow people to enjoy video entertainment from around the world with a minimum of hassle and practically no chance of getting attacked by a computer virus.

game-of-thrones copy

UPDATE – NOVEMBER 25, 2014 – 6:35 EST

Book 04 MP3s Chapters 00-06 was missing Chapter 5 (Samwell.) I apologize for this mistake. It has been corrected and the new .zip file (now 278 mb) is being uploaded to the server and should be available by 8:00 PM EST.


About a month ago, a friend asked what I thought of HBO’s Game of Thrones. He was a bit shocked when I told him that I knew of the show, but had never watched even a single episode. I agreed to give it a look.

And when I did, I used my tried and true methods of watching television on the Internet for FREE.

There were aspects of the fantasy that did not appeal to me, but overall…I enjoyed it (as have many millions of others.)

It took three weeks to marathon my way through four seasons, and I caught up to the premiere episodes on the show when Oberyn Martell gets killed as Tyrion’s champion during trial by combat. (Premature celebrations rarely end well.)

Season 5 of Game of Thrones will not air until April 2015. As of the date of this blog’s publication, that is a long way off and unfortunately, I am one of those that wants to know what happens next!

I have decided to jump ahead and find out. Even though there are still two more novels to be published in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I want to know what is going to happen in this upcoming season.

How am I sure that I can read ahead and find out what happens next? Both Season 5 and Season 6 of Game of Thrones will be based on A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. The action in these two books happens concurrently, but in different locations.

A question arises. How does one read these two books? Do you read A Feast for Crows first and then A Dance with Dragons, or do you read both at the same time?

I found an interesting website with the answer. I will read these two books using this method.

Perhaps you have not read any of the books (like myself.) Well, don’t worry  about that!

It took me a week of work, but I have created “The Ultimate Game of Thrones Season 5 Spoiler by downloading all the eBooks and audio books of the series. What follows is a smorgasbord of FREE DOWNLOADABLE FILES in the most popular formats with instructions on how to enjoy them.


 E-Book Instructions – Download an e-Book and receive three small files in the following formats: .pdf  .mobi & .epub. The files (including the audio books) are in .zip format so you have to unpack them using WinZip or other such application. Once unzipped, the .pdf file opens using Adobe Reader. The .mobi opens using free software from MobiPocket. The .epub file (which is my absolute favorite) can be opened using FBReader. All of these applications are FREE.

Audio Book Instructions – You have two choices of audio books. The first is a .M4B file. This one file contains the complete book. What is really great about this format is that each chapter is bookmarked, allowing you to skip anywhere in the book with complete accuracy. You can open these files with either VLC or QuickTime. Both of these applications are FREE. The second option for listening to the audio book is by downloading the MP3 directories. This is the method I am choosing to listen to these books because my MP3 player does not play M4B files. If you are old school like myself, downloading the MP3 directories is definitely the way to go. I have gone through the trouble of separating every chapter into its own file. Move the well-named files over to your MP3 player and they will play in order. It’s great!

One final bit of information. I have taken the trouble to strip all the properties from these files. They appear generic on purpose. As long as you know what Book_01 means and so on, you’ll have no trouble.

I hope you appreciate my accuracy and hard work in creating this compilation for your enjoyment.

Okay! Are you ready? Here we go!

A-Game-of-ThronesBOOK_01 E-BOOKS (9 MB)


BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 00-09 (183 MB)

BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 10-19 (208 MB)

BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 20-29 (254 MB)

BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 30-37 (236 MB)

BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 38-47 (236 MB)

BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 48-56 (233 MB)

BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 57-64 (233 MB)

BOOK_01 MP3 Chapters 65-72 (214 MB)

A-Clash-Of-Kings_novelBOOK_02 E-BOOKS (8 MB)


BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 00-06 (225 MB)

BOOK_02  MP3 Chapters 07-12 (218 MB)

BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 13-19 (224 MB)

BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 20-25 (223 MB)

BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 26-34 (218 MB)

BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 35-43 (234 MB)

BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 44-51 (242 MB)

BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 52-60 (210 MB)

BOOK_02 MP3 Chapters 61-69 (251 MB)

a-storm-of-swords-iiBOOK_03 E-BOOKS (9 MB)


BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 00-07 (240 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 08-14 (231 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 15-21 (224 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 22-28 (224 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 29-35 (211 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 36-42 (238 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 43-49 (226 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 50-56 (199 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 57-63 (217 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 64-70 (252 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 71-77 (224 MB)

BOOK_03 MP3 Chapters 78-82 (127 MB)

a-feast-of-crowsBOOK_04 E-BOOKS (7 MB)


BOOK_04 MP3 Chapters 00-06 (278 MB)

BOOK_04 MP3 Chapters 07-13 (278 MB)

BOOK_04 MP3 Chapters 14-20 (267 MB)

BOOK_04 MP3 Chapters 21-27 (300 MB)

BOOK_04 MP3 Chapters 28-34 (294 MB)

BOOK_04 MP3 Chapters 35-41 (297 MB)

BOOK_04 MP3 Chapters 42-45 (153 MB)



BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 00-06 (260 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 07-13 (230 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 14-20 (245 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 21-27 (294 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 28-34 (251 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 35-41 (252 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 42-48 (277 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 49-55 (270 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 56-62 (244 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 63-69 (242 MB)

BOOK_05 MP3 Chapters 70-72 (131 MB)

Mort Fiskman copy

“The Terrible Final Flight of Mort Fiskman” is a free short story. Click the link for the pdf file.

The Terrible Final Flight of Mort Fiskman” is also available to download FREE at Lulu.com.

This is a short story that reads very fast. I hope you like it.


Wanna revisit the 80’s and the rock of great hair bands? Night Ranger accommodates your wish with their latest album, “High Road” released on June 10, 2014.


If you still struggle to get free entertainment on the Internet, you may want to download one of my latest books “How to Watch FREE Movies, TV and Sporting Events on the Internet for Dummies.” Using my tried and true methods, I stumbled upon this album just this morning, and I have been playing it non-stop for hours now.

Yes…it really is that great!

The title track, “High Road,” is quintessential Night Ranger (as are all the songs on the album.)

Of the new album, frontman/bassist/songwriter Jack Blades commented, “It’s almost summer and a great time to take a trip down the HIGH ROAD! Our new record features classic Night Ranger feel-good, high-energy kick-ass rock n’ roll. We can’t wait for our fans to hear.” Drummer/singer Kelly Keagy added, “We’re so proud of this new record and excited to get back on the road to bring the new music to our fans.”

Keagy (who tossed me a drumstick during the band’s 1995 tour,) should be proud. Night Ranger nailed this album.

This album will rock your socks!

I’ve embedded as many of the tracks as I could find on YouTube. Take a listen to this shit! It’s incredible!


I bet you liked those two songs. Awesome, huh?

Well, it wouldn’t be a tour of The Gulch without even more AWESOMENESS…so here ya go. I’ve uploaded the ENTIRE ALBUM; having gotten my hands on a copy by using methods described in my “for Dummies” book. The methods work for music, too!


Send me an email or leave  a comment and I just might send you a FREE COPY of “How to Watch FREE Movies, TV and Sporting Events on the Internet for Dummies.”

Night Ranger HIGH ROAD track listing:

1. High Road
2. Knock Knock Never Stop
3. Rollin’ On
4. Don’t Live Here Any More
5. I’m Coming Home
6. X Generation
7. Only For You Only
8. Hang On
9. St. Bartholomew
10. Brothers
11. The Mountain Song
12. Lay It On Me





In case the YouTube video is deleted, here is a direct link to another copy of the video: Retribution – Elliot Rodger (w/ Spanish-Russian subtitles)

Today, America learned about our latest mass murder, this one in Isla Vista, California.

However, this terrible atrocity is unique in that the perpetrator left behind a video which clearly reveals a fully developed thought crime that would shortly become something totally abhorrent and disgusting.

Thought crimes are the new, big thing in America. The most infamous to date involve race or sexual orientation. And although these thought crimes have been benign, the punishments being dealt out are extremely severe (i.e. Donald Sterling / LA Clippers.)

However, Elliot Rodger created a video of an alarming thought crime. He shared it with the world, and I would suggest that it be studied (along with the other 21 videos this cad created,) to better understand psychosis, sociopaths, and a host of other mental disorders that lead to violence.

Was this young man on anti-depression medication? Future updates will answer this question, and many others about this extremely violent and terrible tragedy.

I created the above version of the “Retribution” video with Spanish and Russian subtitles. Right now, it is the only one out there.

Finally, just to get my head rebalanced after spending this afternoon listening to a mass murderer’s thought crimes…here is a picture of my grandson’s 1st birthday party. Today is his birthday.

A more beautiful picture of a mother and her son you will never see.



Did I capture the image of a Rebel soldier in an oak tree at the Pensacola Naval Air Station Cemetery? Read the article below for a great story with awesome pictures.

Did I capture the image of a Rebel soldier in an oak tree at the Pensacola Naval Air Station Cemetery? Read the article below for a great story with awesome pictures.

You can expect some interesting posts from me. I’ve had quite a life and experienced much.

One of the more interesting times in my life was when I discovered I had taken ghost pictures. I want to take some time to go back to a couple of different times in my life and share it with you.

The article is worth the read, so slow down and let me tell you the story before seeing the pictures, if you can stop yourself from scrolling down.


I was a Boy Scout who never sat beside a roaring campfire without hearing a good ghost story.

During those years, now long ago, our troop would camp in some of the creepiest locations imaginable along the Florida Gulf Coast. Evenings in those camps were naturally spooky, as aged, live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss seemed to gather round behind us as we sat in front of a raging fire; a pyre that had been created from their brethren. I always felt that they were watching us, silently hating us for burning wood.

And the ghost stories told at those times…oh, they were always scary. I remember the tale of “Doodalo,” a killer of great repute. Though he was caught and hanged for his crimes, every evening his red-stockinged leg could be seen sticking up out of the grave, bent at the knee, in a nightly struggle to rise from the dead.

My favorite, though, was about the “Oochi Monster,” a terrible being that roamed the woods of Defuniak Springs, Florida. If it ever gotcha, it would transform you from a lad of good deeds into an evil, soul-eating zombie!

But all that was kids’ stuff, and as I moved into adulthood, my belief in ghosts went the way of Santa Claus. However, I purposely remembered the tales, so that I could frighten youngsters with them around some future campfire.

Imagine my surprise, then, when in January 1983, I took time-lapsed pictures of the Pensacola Naval Air Station National Cemetery and saw ghosts in the prints! For the first time in my life, I had in my own hands the other side to the argument over whether ghosts exist.

The side of the argument that I had previously subscribed to was that physical proof of ghosts did not exist, and that whenever evidence had been submitted for consideration, it was proven to be a hoax. Before January 1983, my opinion on the subject would have been a standard, sarcastic “Ghosts! Yeah, right!”

Yet, what I saw in the photographs was compelling evidence that I could have been wrong in my assumptions.

January 30, 1983 began as a very cold morning along the Gulf Coast. The camera I had with me that early morning was brand new, a birthday present from my parents five days earlier. As I drove by the cemetery at 2:00 AM, I noticed that it was brightly lit by street lights, so I decided to pull over and take my first ever time-lapsed pictures.

I did not yet own a tripod, so I pulled the car up on the curve and parked it next to the six-foot-high wrought-iron fence. I stood on the front fender of the car. The fence was spiked, so I held the camera down on a spike as steadily as I could in the chilly night air. I took three shots, counting to 30 on each one as I manually held the shutter open. I remember being a bit unnerved during the few moments I spent there.

Was it because I felt a presence other than my own? Was it because I was a civilian on a military base doing something that would get negative attention by security police? Or was it because I was bone cold? I cannot say. All I remember was that I wanted to hurry and get the shots so I could get out of there.

So what’s going on in the photographs? First, let’s examine the visage of the face in the tree trunk. While I took the pictures, I did not notice any shadowing on the tree. Now, I have shown these pictures around, and some people have said, “Okay, but it definitely is a shadow.” And I have always agreed that it is indeed a shadow. But what then is a ghost? Might a spirit take on a form that we would recognize?

Then, there are the “energy beams” to consider. What in the world caused those patterns? After speaking to several experts on photography, including college-level instructors of the craft who looked at the negatives, they all agreed that something “weird” happened in those three shots. No one questions that light entered the lens to form those patterns. The question is where did the light come from and how was it emitted?

I cannot tell you how long I’ve thought about an answer to that question, as there were no light sources around me that could have made those impressions when I took the pictures. All the light was behind me from the street lights. To this day, it remains a mystery.

Since taking those photographs, I’ve opened my mind to the possibility that it could be true; that ghosts do exist and that this can be proven using our technology.

Since 1983, I have been searching for further proof, but have yet to find any as compelling as my own. I still have an open mind about the existence of ghosts, but as the years begin to quickly pass and I get older, I am beginning to believe that I may never know the truth without a doubt, until that moment when I, too, move into the realm of the supernatural.

Event Details: (as remembered)

Date Taken: January 30, 1983

Location: Pensacola Naval Air Station National Cemetery (Barrancas National Cemetery) Coord: 30.353259  -87.284869

Approx Time: 02:00 AM CST

Weather: Upper 30’s clear and calm

Technology: Minolta X-700, Kodak 400 speed B/W film, standard photo store developing

Time lapse: approx. 30 seconds

No tripod. Hand-held camera (centered on post of wrought-iron gating.)

Lighting: Street light from behind


This is the first photo I took. Face in the tree jumps out, as does the "strange light effect" just to the right of the face.

This is the first photo I took. Face in the tree jumps out, as does the “strange light effect” just to the right of the face. Click on picture for larger version.

This is the second photo I took. The face in the tree jumps has more detail. A cap is clearly seen with a centered flag with a warped "X" in it. The "strange light effect" just to the right of the face is now awesome looking! This is my favorite of the series.

This is the second photo I took. The face in the tree has more detail. A cap is clearly seen with a centered flag with a warped “X” in it. The “strange light effect” just to the right of the face is now awesome looking! This is my favorite of the series. Click on picture for larger version


Camera movement makes the eerie lighting behind the cemetery dance. The center grouping is pretty cool looking.

Camera movement makes the eerie lighting behind the cemetery dance. The center grouping is pretty cool looking. Click on picture for larger version.


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